Best Services Guarantee

Doycarooms helps you to get best hotels bookings at best price. You can Get certified hotels with our official mobile application, website and our call centre.You can Save your time and money for booking hotels and enjoy stays.

Book for hotel rooms online and enjoy great experiences stays with lots of facilities like free Wi-Fi, AC, LED, BreakFast,Hygienic rooms much more services available in each room that recommend by Doycarooms. If you want to book hotels nearest your location then we will provide hotels hotels according to your location.

Doycarooms offer exclusive gifts to the customers on hotels booking. Customers can take advantages of many offers like rewards on bookings , save money, free cancellation charge,quick search, fastest bookings and many more.

Doycarooms provides best guests experience to our customers. Doycarooms provides a comprehensive approach and regular trained staff to maintain all our functionalities. Our team monitors and helps to improve your review scores daily for better experience.

We provide 24/7 Customers Support to our customers. Guests can book hotels room any time. Our Services are available every time. We don't only provide best deals, we also provide all best Services to our customers that our customers don't need to face any type of difficulty. We guarantee that you won't face any trouble while using our services.

Couple friendly

Now a days,there is huge demand for couple friendly hotels in India.We recommend best couple friendly hotels that will take into account the needs of couples while planning their rooms and services provided by the hotels. Most of the hotels does not allow unmarried couples like couples whose are in Live-in-relationship ,they can easily book hotels and enjoy their stays. Doycarooms recommends secure and safe hotels for unmarried couples. Most of the hotels that we recommend allow unmarried couples on the behalf of accept local valid IDs.These hotels have well-trained staff who take care about the safety and privacy of Couples. Those couples whose are above 18 can easily request for couple friendly hotels through our website and mobile application. Guests who are from same city can also check into hotels with their valid identity proofs.


We don't charge any extra amount on booking rooms for multiple(up to 3 persons). There is single price for any occupancy rooms by guests without any price variation. We are the first Falicitator in India who provides all types of accommodations in minimum charges. Other hotels may charge extra amount for bathroom,Breakfast,WiFi,LED Or many other services but those hotels which We recommend provide all these services for free.If you book rooms through our website then you can take advantage of all these services with room and enjoy your stays. We recommend standardized stays for our customers that they can enjoy our services seamlessly. There are lots of services that we provide like 24 hours customer Support, Free Cancellation Charges on Booking Cancel, Fastest Services, Exclusive Offers on ocassions, Best Services Gaurantee,Quick Search for hotels and many other services. We also offer rebooking Services that if guests cancel booking cause of any reason then they can request for same room. If room are available then we will provide the rooms again to guests. All types of affordable accommodation will be provided to the customers. There are lots of choices are available for bookings in different cities. You can select hotels online according to your preference and book for rooms and plan your vacations with our services.

Customers can book for hotel rooms through our website in few seconds seconds or via our mobile application, or by calling us on our 24/7 helpline number.

Exclusive Loyalty Programs

We have launched our exclusive programs because we believe that our customers should get top quality services. We provide exclusive offers on hotel room bookings. We offer one extra room on the booking of 10 rooms. If User register with a single number and request for ten rooms at once then one extra room will be provided as rewards.Customers can enjoy their standardized stays at certified hotels. Most of the hotels does not provide this services. Our loyalty programs are available to ensure that our guests get best services with top quality guarantee that user can enjoy services without any hesitation. We provide best offers to our customers that they can take advantage these offers on ocassions.

There is no reservation cost on our website. You can register yourself for free. Our loyalty programs are available to maintain the reliability and accessibility of services that provide satisfaction to the customers.

free cancellation Charges

We don't charge any amount on cancellation of bookings. If customer wants to can bookings then he/she can cancel bookings any time. Total booking amount will be refunded into customer's account. User can cancel hotel booking anytime using our website or mobile application.After cancellation of booking,the applicable refund amount of that booking will be credited into user acount within 1-2 weeks. If guests cancel booking one minute before arriving then they can cancel, no charges will be applicable on hotels room booking. We quickly credit refund amount into customer's account.